Fayha Group Produces Piles in Iraq mainly in Basra and Karabla. Piling is a type of ground treatment which is driving a pile into the ground below ground level. It’s used to strengthen the soil so that the ground able to support the load of the building. While sheet pile is usually used to support lateral load and act as a supporting wall.

Fayha Precast Co produces different types of piles in Iraqi market. The company produces precast piles with different sizes (30x30-35x35-40x40) cm with different lengths are available.


Fayha Group take in consideration driving method, type of piling machine, procedure of piling when choosing type and dimension of piles used.  Fayha produces different length of piles from 3metres, 6metres, 9metres up to  18 metres. The depth of piling to be driven into the ground is depending on the condition of ground. If a length of 3m, 6m, 9m, or 12m pile is not enough to support the load of building, another 3m, 6m, 9m, or 12m pile will be joint to the first pile and continuously until it’s strong enough to support the load of building. Or so, the first pile or we called it as “starter pile” will be driving in until it can’t be driven in anymore.

AL-Fayha Precast celebrates for ISO Certificates Awarding

  AL-Fayha Precast Company celebrates the New Year by obtaining highly acclaimed international ISO Certifications announced at a high profile event at the Manawi Basha Hotel on January 14 th 2016.  The awarded International ISO Certifications included; “Quality, ISO 9001...
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