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Karabla Precast Company is based in historical city Karbala-Iraq. Al-Karbala is a city in Iraq, located about 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Baghdad. Karbala is the capital of Karbala Governorate, and has an estimated population of 572,300 people (2003). It constructed on an area (150000 sq.meter). The factory is located at  south of Baghdad about (110) km, at karbala`a  city on industrial district Karbala`a – Najaf highway.The Factory is constructed on 150000 sq m. 

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Prefabricating products workshop

This particular workshop includes:
(1) Ceiled products workshop: 5280 sq. meter contains (5) production lines.
(2) Two central batch plants: of capacity (120 cu. m /hr) & (100 cu. m /hr) with silos of (1400 tons) as total capacity for cement – storing.
(3) Reinforcement workshop: - For cutting & formatting steel according to design requirements and specification.
(4) Quality control lab. : It works to examine (or test) all raw materials in lab and also examine during production processes for controlling of production to the best quality.

Polystyrene plant

Production capacity (18000 cubic meter per annum).

C – Equipment’s department: - This dept. includes: -
(1) Heavy Equipment section.
(2) Light Equipment section. .
(3) Repair workshop.
D - Machinery department: This dep. Includes to repair and maintenance workshop.

Stores, Warehouses

For materials and finished products which are storing in ware houses on an area (about 6160sq.meter) and courtyards on an area ( about 5841 sq. meter) and raw materials that is stored in wide squares organized for this purpose on an area ( about 11625 sq. meter).

• karbala`a company Deals with the best engineering designers and experts to setup new designs according to modern reg.s which leads to modern world.
• It has a fleet of vehicles for transformation and concrete pumping from concrete pumps (C. Pump) with different sizes (18, 28 and 36) m, also trucks mixer with sizes (5, 6, and 10) m.

• Prestressed girder factory for (I-Beam girders) which product of (24m span) girders.

• The company ready to manufacturing of any concrete project requesting.
• The company ready for contributors for building of assembles residential.

Our company has obtained a certificate of quality Iraqi matching the International specification ISO (9001 / 2000) to be among the companies limited the winner of the certificat. 


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